Why Enhancing Maritime Force Structure in Africa DigiConnect

Force structure of military entities plays a key role in preserving the sovereignty of several African countries and maritime force structure is no exception. In fact, with the increasing maritime piracy, terrorist attacks, and other illegal activities on the continent, maritime force structure has become of utmost importance to African countries in order to ensure vessel traffic safety (VTS), protect and manage fisheries and ensure the security of their waters.

In light of this, this DigiConnect boardroom is hosted to discuss how African navy and maritime entities can enhance their force structure through utilizing innovative detection, guidance and coordination surveillance and reconnaissance solutions. This digital boardroom will also identify main challenges faced and explore how to overcome them by utilizing key techniques such as, Wide Area Detection; tracking of low-level and high-flying aircraft and surface vessel hostile targets; effective monitoring and policing of illegal fishing activities, immigration, drug trafficking, piracy and terrorist attacks to provide layered and strengthened protection for the African region and to facilitate achieving ‘’Vision 2020:2030’’ strategic goals.

Benefits of Attending

Discover how to identify possible threats through HFSW long-range radars surveillance support with UAVs and naval force deployment

Discover the importance of 3-layer force planning concept in coastal, littoral, and blue waters to obtain full coverage of designated sea area

Find out latest solutions that can detect and prevent piracy, illegal and terrorist activities in the continent and enable “Vision 2020:2030’” strategic goals



Time (11:00 – 12:30 GMT) Activity
11:00 - 11:05 Welcome note
11:05 – 11:20 Presentation
11:20 – 11:35 Live demonstration
11:35 – 12:30 Interactive discussion and Q&A


Dogan Bescan

Managing Director, Tais Shipyards

Dogan was born in Istanbul where he graduated from Bogazici University Engineering. He also received international marketing training in Harvard University in 1993.

He has held various management positions at KOC Holding A.S., Karsan Pazarlama A.S. and Peugeot Otomotiv Pazarlama AS.

He is currently working as Managing Director with Tais Gemi Insa Ve Teknoloji AS since April 2018.

Ahmet Cakir

(RET.) Rear Admiral (UH), Director of Defense Programmes, TAIS Shipyards

Admiral Cakir graduated from Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Faculty, Istanbul Technical University as Naval Architect and Marine Engineer. He also holds a Master’s degree in Naval Architecture and Marine, Industrial and Operations Engineering from University of Michigan in USA.

He has held key positions with several naval entities in Turkey, including the role of Hull Group, Superintendent with Taşkızak Naval Shipyard, Director of Ship Building Department with Istanbul Naval Shipyard where he was also appointed as the Chief of Project Control Office of mine hunting ships in Germany for a year, then Chief Engineer of the Design Department of Istanbul Naval Shipyard, and lastly Director of MILGEM Project Office where he led the design and integration activities of the first national ship TCG Heybeliada.

In 2011 Admiral Cakir was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral (LH) and was assigned as Commander of Istanbul Naval Shipyard. He was promoted to Rear Admiral (UH) in 2015 and his last duty with the Navy was Commander of Naval Techniques, after which he retired in 2018.


Who Will Attend Enhancing Maritime Force Structure in Africa

Senior management members with the below job titles from Ministries of Defence, Naval Forces, Coast Guards, Fisheries Commissions and Ministries and Port Authorities:
  • Procurement Heads
  • Chief of Coast Guards
  • Secretary General
  • Head of Logistics and Acquisition

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